Nowadays car is one of the most popular transportation in every part of the world. However, with the immense increase of population, the uses of the car also is increasing day by day. So in future or next twenty years there will be more cars than today. Many of us may oppose that it might be the opposite. But in my view, the number of cars will be increasing day by day with the increase of population. Here are the reasons behind my opposition are stated below.

First of all, today is the era of modern technology. People save huge time to move everywhere by using the automobile. Many automobile engineering companies are now building environment-friendly cars such as Tesla, Audi, BMW and so on. They are developing the cars such as 0% emission of carbon to the environment. As a result, people are being inspired to buy more car as they are affordable too. For instance, ten years ago, every middle-class family of 5 members could hardly afford a normal Sedan car, but nowadays every family can afford at least three private cars. Most of them are hybrid cars as they can be driven by both fuel and electricity. In my real experience, five years ago, one of my uncles bought a Toyota sedan car for twenty thousand USD. But last month he bought two hybrid sedan cars for only twelve thousand USD. I was surprised & asked him what was the reason behind buying two cars at a time, he replied me such that the prices of cars were decreasing every day & he got an offer of reduction for buying two cars at a time. Also, the cars were very savvy & user-friendly.

Secondly, with the development of urban area & the increase of population people are being very commercial. They want to invest a little time for a huge profit. That`s why for shortcut & time-saving policy everyone wants to buy & drive a car for his own purpose. For example, in Japan, almost Seventy percent people works 12 hours a day & they spend 45-50 minutes to drive to work from home up-down. Where five years ago they could work only 7-8 hours a day & they would have to 4-5 hours to drive. As a result, users of car increases productivity in every sector.
After all, it can be concluded considering above circumstances that the uses of cars are being increased with the development of roads, highways, technology & urbanization of the areas. Though there would be needed lots of parking lot for this increased number of cars. So before building parking lots we should estimate the accommodation of at least twenty years traffic for any locality.