Technology is the blessing for mankind nowadays. In our everyday life, we are using technology which makes our life easy, comfortable & time savvy. Without technology, we can not even think to wake up in the morning. That`s why many people may support to use technology for the children. But, in my view, technology made children`s life dependent & loosing creativity than they were unlike before.

First of all, we can not deny the contributions of technology in our real life experiences. It has shortened our distance, congested our time and save our energy. But it is not perfectly usable for all ages. Human is habituated by born. So when they are used to do something they can not feel comfort without it. Children between age 8-14 are not compatible to use technology in their everyday tasks. Because it will stop their brain nerve to work with himself. For instance, One of my younger cousins, when she was only 8, her parents allow her to use their calculator to do the math. They were not acknowledged about the usage of the calculator at that age. So after a few days, my sister showed me she can use calculator & can do math within a few seconds. I got surprised for a while. After a few moments, I asked her to multiply 8 and 9. I thought she could reply me within a second. But she did not even try in her brain to do the math. She just picked up her calculator and replied me which was totally unexpected as well as disappointing. That`s why every parent should be acknowledged about the using age of technology of their children.
Secondly, children can be familiar with technology but not to use in a certain age. In a research, it was found that the children`s age between 8-14 is not compatible to use technology. For instance, the founder of Apple, Steve jobs never wants his children to use of his company products. It might be a matter of surprise but this is true. According to Steve, the age till 14 is the time of developing the nerve activity of human brain. This is the time when a human can think with his own view. If in that age any children become dependent on anything, it harms their brain activity and obstructs to think independently. That`s why Steve does not allow his children to use any technology in that age.
After all, it can be concluded that undoubtedly technology is essential for human life. But it has some restriction on age as there is a certain time when it should not be used. Human brain nerves develop themselves till a certain age and after that anyone can use technology which will not affect them.