Sports and social activities have great influence on the student of universities and college. Extracurricular activities are indispensable for an ideal student. So, we should give equal importance to them as well as classes & libraries. However, many of us may oppose that spending money for these extracurricular activities is nothing but wastage of money. Nevertheless, I must support to give equal importance & financial support on sports & social activities for the following reasons.
First of all, to be an ideal student one must participate in sports & social activities arranged by universities & college. These would help a student to be more social & active in any kind of situation they may face. A student can`t study all day long with full concentration. They must do some extra activities to get rid of their monotonous life. If a student takes part in the sports arranged by universities & college, they can place there very well by performing their best. Every student does not well in an academic result. It is a great chance to expose their potentiality. For example, my younger cousin was very inattentive to his study. But he was incredible in playing soccer. So every year he always participates at the inter-college soccer competition & he is always the top score holder. Last year, he joined as the player of a national soccer team. As his college authority supported him, it has been possible to move forward by which he is at the position. That`s why the university & college authority should support the students who perform well in sports rather than an academic result.

Secondly, nobody knows the potentiality of a student or they should not be judged according to their academic result. Because only the academic result is not compulsory for a student to build his career or shine in life. It may be with sports & other social activities. For example, Lionel Messi was from a middle-class family & he was dropped bout from school, today he is one of the highest paid Soccer players of the world. Cristiano Ronaldo came from a very poor family. When he was at school, he was incredible in playing soccer, now today he is four times Balon D`Or & five times Golden boot winner. In my real life experience, I saw a junior of my university working for the homeless people & now he is the president of a charity foundation. So, if universities & colleges support students financially as well as mentally, they would be able to achieve something unbelievable.

After all, it can be concluded considering above examples & circumstances, to be a perfect an ideal student one must have participation at the sports & social activities arranged by the universities & colleges. The authority must support financially as like as they support for academic activities for a student. Nobody knows the potentiality would come from anywhere they did ever believe.