Speaking truth is one of the greatest virtues in mankind. It is considered as the most powerful shield of honesty. In any relationship, a truth comes first before belief. Many of us may oppose that belief is the only quality or requirement for a relationship. But in my view, truthfulness should be prioritized mostly than any other quality. There are some reasons behind it are stated below.

First of all, a man can never live alone in a society. For that everyone has to depend on each other. For dependency, belief is the only way to move forward. Speaking truth is the first & foremost requirement to believe anyone. In any relationship such as family, friend & personal life telling truth is the best way to be trustworthy. For instance, in my childhood, I always tried to speak truth to my parents. Whenever they asked me to say something about the real incident I always spoke the truth. That`s why still they have belief on me. At any situation, they can rely on me which inspire me a lot.

Secondly, speaking the truth is the principal rule to have a well characterized human being. If anyone tells lie, nobody would believe them even nobody would help them in any critical situation. From my real life experience, once my cousin told lie about his academic result to his parents. His parents trusted him. But when the class teacher called his parents & informed them about his failure in an exam. His parents got thundered & asked him why did he lie to them. But unfortunately he could not say any reason & from that day his parents do not trust him about anything. In this way, he could not be trustworthy to any people in his life.
Thirdly, telling truth should come first in a personal relationship. Nowadays truth spoken persons are very rare in this society. It is seldom to have a trustworthy friend in life. If any friend tells a lie, it is hard to believe him next time as it is a common nature of a truth spoken people. Telling lie hurts everyone. It drives any relationship worse.
After all circumstances, it can be concluded that speaking the truth is one of the greatest virtues to be a great human being. We might be heard a story of a cowboy who used to speak lie every day about a wolf attacking him. But when the people found that he told lie, they began to ignore him. When the wolf finally attacked cowboy, nobody responds him & at last, he had to die. That`s why to build a better relationship with the people we must not tell lie rather we should speak the truth in any situation.