Knowledge is power as said so. Achieving knowledge is mandatory nowadays for everyone if anybody wants to have a single change in life. Knowledge in a particular subject makes some one specialized on that related fields. However, in my view, having broad Knowledge over many academic subjects is better than to be specialized in a particular subject. Many people may argue that the people who gains all kind of Knowledge will not be able to be specialized at all. But literally, having broad Knowledge over multiple academic subjects has many beneficiaries which are stated below.

First of all, There is no obstruction to gain Knowledge if any one prefers or enjoys. Nobody will complain or can steal one`s knowledge. Gaining knowledge is matter of hard working as well as patience. All the people do not prefer to gain knowledge in their whole entire life as everyone does not enjoy it. Most of the people prefer to gain knowledge on a particular subject & want to establish and survive depend upon that. The do not think to gain some extra Knowledge about other sectors which might be needed sometimes. For example, One of my uncles is an Electrical Engineer. He is very proficient in his field. He holds a designated position in a gigantic power plant company. His wife is a doctor & she has to be on duty most of the time in a hospital. So one night my uncle came to the home & found that his wife did not reach yet. So he tried to make his own meal himself. When he tried to cut the vegetables on the board with knife, unconsciously he put the knife on his finger and it started bleeding. He got stuck and could not remember what to do. The bleeding was so severe that unfortunately he got faint. After a few minutes his wife reached at home & found him wounded and took him to the bed and bandage the finger. After a few hours he could realize that he got injured & his wife took him over. So , if he knew the first aid procedure at that time this things might not be happened.

Secondly, gaining knowledge over multiple subjects is a plus point for every one specially in search of job. As example, one of my friends just completed his graduation in Business Administration & was searching for a job. He tried some high paid position and fortunately he got positioned as a Senior Marketing Executives in a Software company because he knows computer programming. That was a plus point to get that highly paid position.

After all, it can be concluded that gaining Knowledge over multiple subjects do not hamper anyone`s efficiency in their practical life rather it a great plus point to get the desirable position.