Friendship is the common relation among the people nowadays. In the society, none can be self-dependent. In the university, college, everyone has a circle of friends where they can share everyone`s experiences, problems & help each other. That is why making friends is an essential for everyone if he or she wants to lead a smooth life. However, making new friends is a tough task because nobody can trust an unknown person within a few second. It takes a huge time to have belief on anybody. Although if you have old helpful friends already it is not essential to make new friends aside them. That`s why in my view, keeping old helpful friends is more important than making new friends. Here some reasons behind my support are stated below.

First of all, the old friend is defined as the childhood friends with whom we grew up together. Some might be school friends, some would be college friends and so on. With them, we have a better understanding rather than any other because we passed many years with them at all. So giving importance to them is not an intentional issue. For example, when any school friend is in trouble with study or any personal problem, you must respond him first rather than a new friend with whom you were addressed a few months ago. In my real life experience, once when one of my school friends had a car accident & got seriously injured. When he called me, I rushed to the spot & took him immediately to the hospital, on that time one my university friend called me that he might need some help with his study. I was a little bit confused & thought that that is not a serious issue. As he is my school friend, we grew up together. I must not leave him in that serious trouble. That`s why I rushed to him. So, this is the way priority comes first to the old friends.

Secondly, making new friends is not a very easy task to do. There depends upon a lot of issues. A friend must be trustworthy & before that he must be truthful. But nowadays these qualities are very rare. Although it takes a long time to trust anyone as a friend because he might not like you or he might jealous you, even might act with you like a real friend which is very risk for everyone. For example, if you are going to believe one of your friends with whom you were addressed for a few months, you should not share your personal problems because they might know your weakness. If they have any bad intention, they might even harm you. That`s why making new friends is a tough task.

After all, it can be concluded that, If we have enough old trustworthy friends, we should prioritize them firstly because they would be present always when we might have trouble. Making new friends might be beneficial but not at all circumstances. That`s why at least we should not aside our old friends for making new friends indeed.